Just Be Real by Vicki

Today's blog post writer is Vicki. From the moment that I meet her, I noticed that there was something extraordinary about her. When I got to know her, I realized that her spiritual maturity among other things was not typical. She has so much wisdom, knowledge, and love to offer. Everything that comes out of her mouth is life giving and life changing. People want to be around her. I was so humbled and honored when she agreed to write a post for my blog. Welcome to the platform Vicki



Just Be Real

Hi, my name is Vicki & I am one of the guest writers this month on the blog. What I

wanted to write about is something that has been on my heart lately. I’ve been thinking of what it

takes to be a genuine & real christian? What does it even mean to be genuine? When I think of

genuine, I think of something authentic, special, almost rare.

The culture that we live in today is the opposite. It’s very materialistic and self absorbed.

Social media is not bad in itself but can lead to feelings of discontentment and push us to

pursue things that are empty. God had been challenging me to be different. In my faith, my

relationship with Him and how I walk my daily life. Growing up as a child and teenager I thought

that being a light to the world meant dressing modestly and looking different. Being modest is

wonderful but I don’t think that’s what God meant when He said be a light. What amazes people

who are not christian and don't share our faith, is how differently we act & react in situations.

How we lead our lives & how we treat people who are different then us.

When Jesus walked on this earth, what set him apart? He was different. He loved. He

healed, had compassion. People were amazed at His reactions to things. When Jesus had a

chance to throw a stone, He chose to love and forgive. When He could have called down

legions of angels to save Him in Gethseme, He chose to suffer and die for cruel, unjust people.

Being a real christian is not posting a photo of your beautiful family on their way to

church on social media. It’s inviting someone to church. It’s sharing your testimony. It’s showing

your neighbor love. Simple and real. The path to being genuine is being honest before God.

Pray meaningfully, and not as a habit. Understanding that who you are, is never good enough but that you are made perfect through Jesus Christ. You can come and have access to the

throne of Grace and God’s presence only through Jesus Christ.

The hurting, lost people who have met so many hypocritical christians don't need to see

another Christian. They need to see Christ in you.

That in your weakness, your struggle, your marriage, your children, God is real to you. I

talk to my husband differently then any other person in the word. He knows me. He has seen

my ugly side, my angry side, my mean streak. He still loves me. I have friends that I don't worry

about cleaning the house when they come over, or changing out of my ugly house clothes, true

friends. I talk to them differently. I know them and they know me. What kind of friend is Jesus to

you? How well do You know Him, and does He know you? How do you talk to Him?

How do you perceive God? Do you know that He wants to have a relationship with you?

That He has seen your ugly side and chose to love you. Unconditionally people! Do you know

that Jesus wants to free you, take your burdens, take your worries, to heal you, help you


Get out of this rut! Stop living an empty fake life! Start working on your relationship with

Jesus Christ. He will change your life. You will be real. Your reactions will change. Your friends &

neighbors will wonder why your so weird. How come your not getting mad when someone yells

at you unjustly, why aren’t you depressed in your illness, etc?

Why? Because you know Jesus, you know what He can do for you. You are changed

knowing Him. You have been in the presence of the almighty God. Faith in God is simple, not

complicated. If only we take a little time to be honest with ourselves & God. When was the last

time you drew near to God, that He would draw near to you? You know there are like a million

promises of God in the Bible?

Some of His promises :

Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Will Provide)

Jehovah Rapha (The Lord Who Heals You)

Jehovah Raah (The Lord Is My Shepherd)

Jehovah Tsidkenu (The Lord Our Righteousness)

This is how people will recognize Christ in you. They will see that there is something

special and rare about you, it will change your life, and theirs. Come to Him just as you are, ask

God to reveal himself to you, to change you, to show you that He is real. And live a real life. I

want to challenge every christian out there. Hey, be genuine. You can change your world.



The wind and the waves obey the Lord

The ocean stands still at His presence

One Touch and the blind man can see the world

One word - a soul raised from the dead

This is the Power Of Jesus

This is the work of my Lord

This is Whom I have believed in

This is the same Christ in Me

Do you believe in His Power

D you believe He sets free

Do you believe in the Savior

That has opened blind eyes to see

What did Christ accomplish by dying

Why did He carry the cross?

For whom did Jesus rise on the third day

Why didn’t He count you as a loss

Tell me christian, walking in sadness

Tell me christian, walking in defeat

Tell again what how big is your problem

Tell me again how scary your fear

Read this poem over and over

Open the Bible again

Lift up your hands in praise and surrender

Rise up in the power of God

See what God does with mustard seed faith

Behold the love in His eyes deep & true

What did Christ accomplish on Golgotha?

Why did God bleed for you?