Girls with Swords by Karina Baygulov

As promised, I am introducing Karina Baygulov this week. Karina has been a personal friend of mine since we were teens. She has always had a vivid relationship with Jesus. Karina has been through a lot of really hard stuff in her short life but her personality is so radiant that upon meeting her, you will become contagious with her laughter and aliveness. Thank you for your post and for being so raw; welcome to the platform, Karina. 




Hi guys! It is such an honor; a privilege and a pleasure to be able to share my heart out with you today. I am so humbled by this opportunity.  I do have to say blogging is something fairly new to me so I will try to be as good as Natasha, alright?;)

But before I start I want to give all the credit to our Maker.. Who breathed Life into us by His Almighty power.. Who knows each and every single star by name.. I mean how cool is that? And we to him are far more than stars.. We are His children. We are so personal to Him. Lord I pray today that hearts will be touched. We invite you! Dine with us. Dwell in us... speak through us. All glory goes to you my Jesus.


So today I'm going to be talking about something very useful that is at our dispense anytime.. Free of charge. Something so effective it works 100%. And get this..  It’s free!!!! No need to make monthly payments of 19.99 :) Sometimes we take this something so important for granted.. And that something is our Swords.... aka the Word of God. This Sword is so powerful it could pierce even the deepest of hearts (Hebrews 4:12)... it speaks to our soul. It encourages us and drives away fear. How? Because guys it is alive! Scripture says it is alive and active! The Bible also tells us that Scripture is God breathed, meaning the Holy Spirit led it. (2 Timothy 3:16) This book is so powerful that it is a part of God Himself! It transforms us to be more like Him. It calms us when we feel anxiety coming on. Places us under his almighty wing when worry strikes.  It shows us the way when we are confused, distracted, out of line, or just simply need a little encouragement for the day.


The Bible works with our spirit. It talks to our spirit. It feeds us and helps us grow. When the Lord opened to me how important using the word of God is... I was at a broken place. My husband and I were trying to have another baby and nothing but discouragement came our way. It's like I was waiting for our new arrival but miscarriage after miscarriage just happened in our lives. I honestly did not understand why. Previously to this I had a dream about the cross... I saw Jesus's wounds and stripes... and He showed me that I could exchange all the sorrow and pain at the cross for peace, love and Joy. Then, I saw this sword. In my dream this sword was so sharp and affective, it penetrated the deepest spiritual realm. 


Things in your life can change.. When you speak the Word of God and claim it into your life. But first, something changes in the spiritual realm. And afterwards the change takes place in our lives, the physical realm.  But depending what you are claiming it may take some time. My husband always tells me that us women like everything done right away... now, now, now :) and I must admit, he is absolutely right! I know I need more patience but I want things to happen faster. And I do acknowledge that wisdom of his because it grounds me and makes me think. Yes, time and waiting is something that gets me annoyed.  Could my answer be any quicker? But I believe that God lives in a world that has no time. He teaches us things.. And when we are ready then he answers. If he hasn't answered your prayer.. That means you are not yet ready, or simply it's just not his will for your request and he's protecting you.

I have prayed for another baby for two years. I think I have experienced every single emotion that came with that as well. And when devastations happened,  I started to question why is this happening? A friend felt it in her heart to tell me that it's just not my time. And then out of the blue another friend tells me the exact same thing. And that made me wonder.

Could this be Gods answer for me? Sometimes God tends to speak through other people. It then hit me; it's just not my time. For whatever reason it may be.. The timing was off.  I was not my healthiest in the last two years either. Physically and emotionally I was totally drained. I went through a lot of anxiety after giving birth to our third child Sam. And thinking that having another child would absolutely be the best decision turned out that it might have not. He was in the waiting. He cared for me. My mind and body needed to be healed. So being through disappointments and setbacks I started proclaiming the word of God in my life.  I started to speak healing scriptures about good physical and emotional health, scriptures about peace and being calm. And I believe I was healed. I mean I know there is still a lot more healing to take place in my life but I have to say I am in a good place right now. I know that the Lord is the Master Conductor of my life. Ultimately he has the best plan for me. (Jeremiah 29:11) and I trust him and wouldn't have it any other way. (Psalm 3:5-6)


Someone close to me always told me whatever situation you might be in; your answer is in the Word. So lets use that Word. Use your Sword. I borrowed some lyrics from a song that my 8-year daughter old wrote to close and put a smile on your face today... "He is the Champion and He rules the world, and you're going to hear Him roar! He lives in your heart and He is Almighty! And you're going to hear Him roar. Dead bones will arise; your soul will come alive, going to hear Him roar! He is our God with a bunch of love inside. And they’re going to hear us roar!”

Amen? We are girls with Swords and they’re going to hear us ROAR!


Karina Baygulov