Is There Such a Thing as a Good Distraction?

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Distraction? 

When we are distracted, we take the focus off of Jesus and put it onto that thing that we are distracted with and worry about. This is exactly what the enemy wants us to do. He wants us to be so preoccupied that we lose sight of what really matters and what God's purpose and plan for us is. Being aware of distractions, even those that may seem to be good things in life will help us focus on the purpose that God predesigned us for. 



Good Distractions

Have you ever heard the saying that “too much of a good thing is not good”? Well it's true. Doing good things such as church stuff and charity work sounds like something that we should do. In fact, when a person has a passion for Jesus, they will work with every effort to build up the body of Christ24/7. I was one of those people who basically submerged myself in volunteer work at church. At times I was putting in more hours volunteering than my husband who had been solely providing for our family financially. Thankfully, I did have the full support of my husband who helped me with daily responsibilities because we believe that at least one person should do work for the Lord while the other person is taking care of the household, ect at all times. However, I have seen people in the church who work too many hours, get burned out, and stop work all together. It’s important to REGULARLY hear Gods voice so that we know what He wants us to do in that particular season.


What to do to stay healthy


1. Spend regular time with God

2. Be looking for people to disciple / duplicating yourself

3. Raise up leaders to surpass you

4. Be obedient to God



Spend regular time with God

1. This one is number one and is vital to our calling on earth. Making sure that we spend time WITH God before spending time on the THINGS of God. God wants us to have a relationship with Him so lets not neglect the very thing God created us for. Also, the more time we spend with God, the more we will reflect Him, learn His heart, and hear what He wants us to do for that season.



Be looking for people to disciple/ teach

Jesus said go and make disciples. I believe that many people in the church really love the Lord and want to do good. I think that there are many who are “do-ers”. As a mom, I sometimes want to do the choirs for my kids because I know that I will do a better job then they will. What benefit will they get once they move out? I am handicapping my kids if I do the work for them and not teach them to do it even if that means that my dishes may be a bit greasy. I promise that after a while, they will get better at washing the grease away. It is the same in other areas whether its church or a business, we need to trust people enough to do the work as good as we can. 


Raise up leaders to surpass us

My daughter loves to bake. I have allowed her to make a mess in the kitchen and create amazing baked goodies. Yes it gets very messy and I often second guess my decision of allowing her to bake because I’ll have to deal with the mess. A year ago she bakes a pound cake and said “mom, my cake is better then yours”. I was hurt for one second then realized that I HAVE DONE MY JOB. Tears started rolling down my face as it all sunk in. I realized that my baby was not a baby and that she was turning into a young amazing lady!!! Then I got SUPPER EXCITED because I no longer have to bake because she could. It’s interesting how we get so comfortable in doing the same old thing that we something changes, we get offended. We should be celebrating that we can move on to something else.  Jesus said that we will do greater things, so when we disciple others, we ought to do it with the mentality that they WILL surpass us and we should be proud when they do.


Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12



Nothing is forever.

I don’t think that if we started doing something one way or doing a particular thing that we must do it until Christ’s return. Even with Moses, God told him to strike the rock the first time and the second time to speak to the rock to get the same ending result. The enemy knows the word of God and he can twist it for us so that we don’t obey God.


God created us to worship Him, so when we get caught up with churchy things that we lose sight of Jesus, we are getting further away from our purpose. That’s what the enemy wants to do: distract us so that we lose sight of Gods voice and get confused on who’s voice we are hearing. When we spend time with God regularly, will always KNOW His voice because it’s familiar to us. We will be confident.

Love you guys,

- Natasha