It’s ironic how I am trying to share this post about distractions with you guys but keep getting distracted with a bunch of stuff that I have in my life right now. I am normally a weekly blogger but week after week had past and I just could not get myself to write this post. I started writing it at least 8 times but had so much in my brain that each time I sat down to write, I just got too overwhelmed. My mind had too many ideas and I could not seem to organize them enough to put them on paper. I guess some can call it a “writers block” but I don’t know about that…



As I am writing this, I am also going from screen to screen, working on other things that I still NEED TO DO. Well, they are also very important too.

At first, I could not start to write because I had too many ideas, too many to put down on paper. Then the distraction of hurricane Irma, the stress and prep before it hit. Thank God we were all fine but our lives were not normal for almost 2 weeks. We were dealing with power outages, no gas, food shortage in stores and the kids were off of school for over a week. Once the hurricane thing was done, life just kept happening – Without realizing it, a month went by and I still had not written my post. My “new norm” was NOT TO WRITE…. Say what!? Yes guys, we need to be careful whom we allow to rule over our minds. Why was I so distracted? What could I have done differently?


Part of my issue was that I didn’t know when to stop with the hustle and bustle of my mind.  It is still something that I struggle with daily. I am trying to focus but my mind is having a hard time resting. Even as I am working on this post, I find myself posting a quick update on my social media accounts, reminding people that I have THIS post coming up... I am currently on a fast from all social media, I only pop in there to see if I have any messages and get right back off. Then I find myself getting some food, answering a few text messages and thinking about the emails I still need to send out to two different church things I am a working on. Whooow. I am feeling overwhelmed. Why can’t my brain just do one thing at a time? I find that my mind works faster then my body…is that weird? It doesn’t sound normal…. However, God has wired me this way, and I just simply need to take a deep breath and focus on this post for now. Ok I’m done. I’m off to the other stuff I need to do….



Is this healthy to be juggling so much at once? Matthew 25 - the parables of the talents. If God has given you many gifts, then you are equipped to able to handle the many things that God has purposed you for. I think that in this season on my life, I am equipped to be able to handle this much. In fact, I often feel like I can do more. But I know that this is my season of sowing. It is so important to know the season you are in. Is it time for you to sow or to reap?


3 check-points to find out if you are distracted

1. In the past month, you have started something over and over and are still not done

2. You go on social media, YouTube, or Netflix because it’s easier than dealing with what ever you need to do

3. As soon as you start to do that thing, your mind and body tries to find other things to do, pulling you further away from your goal. 



How to stay focused and become accomplished – AIC

Have an Accountability person – tell someone about what you are doing

Be Intentional - Make a to do list – one for daily - one for weekly – one for yearly

Be Consistent – Stick to the “to-do” list no matter what life throws at you


My distraction is kind of easy to solve. I need to be intentional about my time. If I want to write, I need to carve out the best time with God so that I can hear what He wants me to share with my blogging family. My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27. When we know God, we have the mind of Christ, so we know what the Lord wants us to do. Lets not second guess it nor be too preoccupied with life that we lose sight of time. Unfortunately, time is something that we can never get back. This week, I challenge you to AIC. Find a person who you can stay ACCOUNTABLE to, be INTENTIONAL, and be CONSISTENT. 

love you guys,