Is there anything positive going on when I wait?

What an incredible summer… I mean whoooow!!! I am so pleased to have hosted eight amazing writers. Each brought something fresh, powerful, and encouraging to us and at the same time was such a blessing to me because  I got time to be with my family. I really missed you guys and I am supper excited to be back and share my heart with you. 




When my husband and I got married I was 18 and barely out of high school. The only reason that I had to wait was because my father demanded that I finish high school before I was even allowed to marry. As I look back, I can’t help but wonder if my life would have turned out differently if I had married sooner. I know what you are thinking….“you’re crazy!!!” but to be honest, marring young was God’s plan for my life.

Thank you Pam for this amazing shot!!! 

Thank you Pam for this amazing shot!!! 


As I waited to finish high school, I had plenty of time to “live”. As many people are so against getting married young, I felt like I had to explain myself…LOL. Trust me, I was traveling to Christian youth conferences, getting together with friends, and really living it up each weekend. I took a trip with my brother and his friend almost around the states, 16 states to be exact in 10 days. So for those who are wondering, I did live A LOT. So I guess you can say that it was good of my father to make me wait until I turned 18 to get married.


I knew that I had to obey my father and at that time, I didn’t even question his authority. Gettig married at 16 never crossed my mind because I was a good kid. When my father said 18, I just knew that was final. I know that based on that obedience and honoring my parents, God has blessed me even up to today.

(Ephesians 6:1,2).


Maybe it was good for me to wait to be married because I really got to experience life in those 2 years and come to terms with what I really wanted. Also in that time, God was working in my heart and that’s when I realized that I could not live without Sergey. My relationship with Sergey was based on very interesting terms before that happened. I never promised that I would marry him because I was not in love with him (yet). However, he was madly in love with me so he waited for me patiently. Not only that, but he watched me explore other options and live life. Sometimes we courted and sometime we were talking to other people. I am not proud of how I behaved but give me a break; I was just a child myself. I didn’t comprehend what I was doing or what I wanted for that matter. I know that at any point if I had given him the verbal promise, he was ready to make me his bride. I have said it before and will say it again, Sergey was like Jesus. I knew that he would be there waiting for me when I was ready to commit.


What about him?

How did he feel when he waited for me? Sergey said that there were many moments when he was ready to give up on me all together. People around him discouraged him from waiting. Even the closest people were telling him that he was crazy for waiting so long and with no real promise.

Were there times when he felt like all hope was gone?   Absolutely. There were times when it seemed that there was NO HOPE at all. However, just when he was about to give up, I made a promise to him. God was in it, God knew how much and how long Sergey would be able to wait.

You know it make me wonder. What if he had given up on me, how would our lives turn out without each other? Thank God we will never know.



That was us on our wedding day!

Benefits of waiting

Waiting helps us learn about ourselves

Allows us to come to terms of what we want



When circumstances seem unpromising, when thing around us crumble, will we still trust that God is with us? Will we believe that He will never leave us? I know that even Sergey had lost all hope in our relationship on several occasions, but how awesome is it that we have a loving God who will NEVER lose hope in us. He waits for us until we are ready to commit. He stands back and watches us follow things that are not of Him. Jesus watches us chase false Gods and yet he still stands there with His arms open wide waiting for us to run back to Him. He is ready to make us new after we have been hurt, hated, abandoned, abused, torn down, and broken. His wounds heal us, the cross delivers us, adopts us, love us, and cherishes us.

Friend, waiting does get tuff sometimes but its so worth it. God is working in the midst of our waiting, we need to stop pouting at the circumstance and look at what God is providing for us in the valley.

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For the month of August I want to share with you guys about waiting.

Some of the topics I will touch on are:

  • How long do I have to wait?
  • Do you despise waiting?
  • What does waiting do to our hearts?
  • How do I wait and still have joy, peace and patience?




Good old times!!!