3 points to remember when waiting is not an option


We have such a good God. Even when we make a huge mess out of our lives God still protects us and loves us. We rack up debt, treat people poorly, kill, lie, and steal, Gods promises still stand. When dealing with us, God does it on a one on one basis to protect us from public exposure and humiliation even though we may deserve a harsh correction.  When waiting is not an option, we remind God of the promises He made, we allow God to strip us individually, and keep fighting with all that we have in order to receive "the promise". Our God is gracious and gentle, He will come through when we humble ourselves. 


God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6


When there is nothing left to do - you remind God of the promises 

Jacob had made a huge mess out of his life, he treated his brother unfairly. Jacob was a liar, stubborn and selfish. Even after many years had passed since his wrongful doing, Jacob still watched his back, afraid of his brother Esau coming and repaying the evil that he had caused him. The day that Jacob had feared, came. When Esau was getting closer to Jacob's territory, Jacob panicked and could not think of anything else to do so he pleaded with God. He reminded God of all the promises made. Gen 32:12

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

When waiting is not an option for you, God takes manners into His own hands.

God waited until Jacob was alone to meet with him. Jacobs family and possessions had crossed over but Jacob was stopped from crossing over. God had to deal with Jacob one on one. Although family and everyday life are important, but you can agree that they can become a distraction from what God is really calling each one of us. Sometimes God pulls us back and deals with us. Genesis 32:22-31. We can't go where got is calling us with all of our baggage. 


The fight continues until someone wins or backs off 

The “Man” was struggling with Jacob all night and when Jacob finally realized that the “Man” was actually God, the roles got switched. Jacob was the one who was persistent in the battle, not wanting to let go of God until God blessed him. At that point of his life, Jacob was willing to risk everything in order to get the power to face his brother. Jacob had realized that he had made a mess of his life but he also knew that God's promises would come through so he faugh hard to receive God's blessing.

Jacob’s dislocated hip became a symbol of what took place between him and God. I think that it was for others to see that Jacob had not been bluffing about the fight as well as a reminder for Jacob of where he had been. 



What is God stripping us of?

So many times during our dark situations God is fighting us, trying to takeaway our human nature. But because we don’t know or don’t want to see that it is God, we keep struggling and fighting back because we don't want to loose the fight. If we only realized that God is the one in the midst of our battle and that God is trying to get rid of our human nature and not actually in it to destroy us.  


A moment of truth

As soon as we realize that God doesn’t want to harm us but wants to destroy all of our insecurities and selfish desires we would be the ones to cling to Him for a blessing instead of fighting Him off. 


What will it take?

Jacob understood that if he received the blessing of God, he could face his brother. If only we would learn what God can do for us and how God can get us out of a messy situation, we would be willing to fight. Not only that but we would be willing to come out of the battle with physical and emotional scars. We would allow God to take away all of our stubbornness and selfishness and hold on to God as long as it would take in order to acquire "the blessing" (protection, strength, courage, and boldness).

Even if we have made a mess out of our lives, Gods promises still stand. God will never go back on His word. God may strip us of our bad habits and it may be difficult to handle, even painful. But when we realize that God is with us though our pain, we would  cling to God even more and would be willing to come out of the battle with evident afflictions.

How many nights or seasons have you been fighting? Friend, daybreak is at hand and you will “come out” of this battle with the promise that was ours. Keep fighting the battle until you receive the promise and don't give up by any means. What is it going to take? Are you willing to have scars from the fight? 

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