Is It Time?

Here is a crazy revelation but yet so simple:

1. You want to do work for God right!?


In order for a women to get pregnant and give birth, she must first have an intimatacy. This is the compared to the sacred type of intimacy we have with God. 

1. Conception can only come through the intimacy with God - when we are one on one with God. There cannot be any distractions, we must be in an environment where we can press into what the Holy Spirit wants to reveal. 

2. Only after a one on one with God can we get impregnated - by the Holy Spirit - of the revelation that God wants to share with us. This is where we receive an idea (a seed) and a small glimpse of what God wants to do through us. 



3. You have to carry the fetus to term for it to become a healthy baby. Carry the idea to term. This is one of the most crucial aspects of ministry. We must wait for the right timing.  We must go through the growing pains. First the morning sickness, then your bones stretch. This is where you START to feel uncomfortable and start to feel the change in your body. The idea that God gave you is beginning to show signs but you are not showing yet physically. Then all of us sudden, you begin to show. Maybe you start to take a few steps of your calling. The process is long and not really comfortable but it grows gradually. 

4. But then you feel it - you know that it’s time - the very last few weeks of the pregnancy all you can think of is “how do I get this baby out NOW” because you are so uncomfortable. You can’t sleep, sit, nor function. It’s time! No one knows like you know - yes people see that you are at 9 months but only you really know when it's THE time.

5. Then it’s push time. Time to get that baby out. You pray for God to give you strength - you have the emotional support of your husband or a really close person. Just knowing that someone  is with you emotionally helps you during this time. You have the physical support of doctors, nurses, and midwives helping you deliver a healthy baby and keep you healthy at the same time. It’s important to surround ourselves with the right people when it’s time to make a step towards that idea or your ultimate calling. 

6. It is finished - the pain is gone and the baby is beautiful! Other people get to enjoy what you labored so hard for. The result! The ministry that God gave you is not just for you.