Gratitude Rhymes with Attitude

Gratitude rhymes with Attitude



When we focus on all the things that we have not succeeded in, we can feel like failures. But if we start to “count our blessings “our entire perspective changes. We begin to see things that we have accomplished and all the things that God has blessed us with along the way.



The reason why the Israelites were not able to live out their promise was not because of God but because of their own attitudes. I mean they saw God working first hand. They experienced God every single day, like when they collected the manna. I find this passage so interesting. God gave them what they needed daily but they were not allowed to stock up or save any for the next day. It was a trust issue. God wanted them to BELIVE that He was once AGAIN going to provide for the next day just as He had provided fresh manna the day before. God loved His people so much that he wanted to give them ONLY the best blessing. However, they still found things to complain about…sound familiar? It does to me…we can always find something to complain about but finding gratitude instead of a bad attitude will help us be on our way to a much happier life.



Have you ever felt like you have done everything that you think the Lord has asked of you but there is still no answer for what you thought the Lord promised you!?! This is what I am going through right now. So what does a person do in this situation? How do you overcome and go on with your life?

This is what I'm doing:



1. I'm still waiting

2. I'm still believing

3. I am NOT quitting

Sometimes I feel like I'm waving my hands, trying to get Gods attention- like "I'm still here God"!!! It sucks and it’s really frustrating but knowing that His yoke is easy - I know that “I CAN get through this”. I CAN DO THIS!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Sometimes I ask myself, how did Abraham do it!? He waited so long and at the end of the day - his faith was still so strong! What about Noah? How did he overcome the doubt? I think that Noah didn’t care what others thought of him, he cared mostly what God thought. If only we would concentrate on what God would say to us on the day when we meet Him, our attitude towards life would change. I keep hearing this phrase "be heaven minded". 

Gratitude surely does change our gloomy state even if we are not at the end of our promises yet. With our grateful spirit, we begin to see things from a different perspective. We become thankful for all that the Lord has done starting from the initial promise to celebrating all the blessings in-between.

When we are grateful for what we have today and really see all that the Lord has done, it will be easier for us to believe that He will provide a fresh blessing tomorrow. It’s about changing our attitudes into gratitude. The Israelites got greedy and doubted God's provision when they stopped thanking Him.  They began to worry and tried to store the manna for the next day. We too go through moments of doubt, depression, disappointment, and discouragement because we lose sight of what God has done and what He can do for us each and every day. Be encouraged and with a grateful spirit, ACCEPT today’s blessings. God is already given it to you, all is left to do is to go and collect it. He did in once, He will do it again! 

Love you guys,