Walking out your purpose in 3 steps 

Walking out your purpose in 3 steps

When we come to Know God, we will do His will instead of what we want, and even when we mess up, Gods grace is there, all we need to do is accept it. 


1. Acquaint

When we hear Gods voice on a regular basis we are then able to tune out the noise of so many distractions that come at us. Even when we mistaken His voice for what we really want to hear or can’t hear it because we are distracted.

I needed to find a place nearby to work for 2 hours before picking up the kids. I asked the Lord “ where should I go”? to a Coffee shop? I heard a voice saying “beach”. I don’t know why but I went to the coffee shop anyways. I mean I do know...it was what I WANTED... When I got to the coffee shop, there was remodeling of the roof happening so it was extremely loud.

2. Act

After seeing and hearing the chaos there, I immediately realized that I completely ignored God’s voice, so I turned around and headed for the beach. While driving, I began to analyze the situation of me hearing from God but yet doing my own thing anyways. This made me feel embarrassed before God. I mean, I knew better…I simply did my own thing anyways…Why do we do that? Do we get confused? I don’t think so….I think It’s because we are too distracted.

What opportunities have we missed?


I had quite a ride from the coffee shop to the beach so I had plenty of time to think. I remembered that delayed obedience was still disobedience as I had experienced that in the past. I began to wonder about the opportunities that I probably missed out on at the beach during the time I went to the coffee shop and then back to the beach (which was the opposite way). I know that I am in need of grace daily and that the Lord loves and forgives me. I knew that I would still receive from the Lord even if my obedience had been delayed. In life, I just wonder what opportunities do we miss by our actions. 

3. Accept 

I was right for thinking that God’s grace covered me ONCE AGAIN and I did receive from the Lord even when I got to the beach later. I received an amazing revelation from Him and experienced His love and peace as I marveled at His creation and gazed at the water. 

I am a people person by nature so maybe that’s why I was more drawn to the coffee shop then the beach on that particular day. But it doesn’t matter because if we can learn and grow from each situation, then it was worth going through it. I learned that I am in need of grace daily and that I needed to be more intentional of hearing His voice and acting in a manner that pleases God rather than what I want. Because at the end of the day, His ways are better then ours and we are ALWAYS better off when we obey God.


Walking out your purpose in 3 easy steps using AAA - Aquatinted - know and hearing from God. Act - being obedient to what God is calling us to do. Accept - even when we mess up, God love and grace will meet us there, all we need to do is accept it. 

God created us to worship Him and in moments of our busy lives we should be intentional in finding the time and place to experience His peace. He is calling each of us in to the dwelling place with Him – to worship Him – to just be alone with Him – God wants to give you amazing revelations – all that is required of us is to take the opportunity to be with Him when He is invites us. God is calling you into a place of stillness – spiritual loner… at least we can be cool spiritual loners because that’s where we grow the most!!!!

Love you guys!!!

I am praying that each of you sets time to be a spiritual loner this week...

- Natasha